About Me

About Me :

Blogger, Software Developer & Father 
I am a human born in Cairo Saturday 23-3-1985
when I was about 5/6 years my father bought a computer and it was a miracle for me
I still remember this night that I was thinking before sleeping
How this machine can do this magic
I type a command , Enter then done!
It is very systemised and precise wonderful
Amazing how can this machine can think as us ?
Oh no how humans can thinks and what is thinking ?
How can I think ? I am very young to understand and learn all of that
But once it will .

In school I was clever thanks to my mother that teach me in home before go to school, I like maths, physics, science, biology, grammar , programming , and I was in love with reading and searching , even I remember that I made a magazine that have the most informations , stories, and jokes when I was  about 10 or 11 years

in the high school I chosed the science section, and I got my second computer at 11 September 2011, I was not lucking because we couldn’t to login internet , what a day it was …

Then the university September 2012 , I chosed was Arts then Philosophy department that was in Bani Souef , south Cairo , to under stand the human thinking and wisdom, religions
So I faced I question about my thinking and believe , why I am a Christian ?
i did not chosed just my family  peptised me told me Jesus , god , this 

But I faced a lot of problems because of :

1-Religion history subject that wasn’t fair book or information even about the Christianity that my family believe or that I studied by personal research, at the last 2 lectures in this subject he explained the judaism , Christianity then islam , he was an prof from the Azar university even the book and they teach us the islamic point of view about others and it is the best religion ever for ever . So when he finished I raised my hand to talk and he allowed , I told him that he explained us a lot of wrong informations about many things but I talked about Judaism and Christianity and the wrong point that he talked about in the lecture then I asked him about a point in islam he couldn’t answer and he told me it is better to care about what is the book and the lectures not the external resources to passe the exam if i will passe it but he is the department leader so I didn’t passed his exams for the 2 years that I spent .

2-The radical islamic groups whom tried to fight me at the university 3 times because of that I talking about religions and islam that I am studying . Even I started my first website at geocities about 2003.

3-The police chef in the university told me that I have be change the university for my safety, he told me that people her are not well educated and they have their culture than is totally deferent that the Capital (Cairo) for even my long hair is not normal for them, pref I have to be in Cairo, I did not told my family about that but even.
My father and my family was afraid of what I talking or asking about Politics then what? Religions are the most biggest 2 Taboos in our society but in the Middle East.

I left the philosophy then I Strat to work with mobiles phones and computers my holy hobbies
Then I started to search the best place to study computer science then I started my second university at September 2006 .

Since 2008 I started to join the political groups even the political parts , police arrested me many times because of my activities but I was not care about it , I have nothing to hide and I know my rights and I defence it . We believed in the revolution but the islamic part and the military was more organised and power and they manipulated the people . The islamic radical parts were supporting the islamic laws (Shariaa) and controlling people by their religion  to the islamic laws, the church supporting the military so i tried to support the secular parts but radicals from 2 sides never accept atheists or other opinions so i tried to answer their usual old questions until that i decided to start my vblog on YouTube to not repeat what i say each time that each time someone ask me  the same questions, so i started to discussing that on facebook posts and youtube videos but once i shared this YouTube trailer and i discovered that a radical youtube channel that started it and they shared alot of fake websites about it so they targeted me .

On September 2012 :

Alber Saber Ayad is a Coptic-Egyptian computer science student and blogger who was arrested on 13 September 2012 on allegations of having shared his videos about atheism , Religions , the YouTube trailer for the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims on his Facebook page. While he was raised in a Coptic Christian family, he is now an atheist The prosecution stated that Alber had "promoted his extremist thoughts in speech and writings by creating web pages, including [the] 'Crazy dictator' and 'Egyptian atheists' [pages]." In a hearing on Alber's initial detention, a prosecutor told the court that Alber had criticized Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, Gabriel, and "God himself." Alber's lawyers stated that Alber did not post the video and is innocent of the charges. One of his lawyers described the case as simply "a way to defuse the people’s anger".

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September 26, 2012

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