Detained in the Monastery - معتقلة في الدير

*النص العربي بعد النص الأنجليزي*

On 16 September at 12:07
A friend of mine sent me this message
You are really open-minded and educated person and I respect you very much
Since you have been through a similar circumstances I would like to ask you your opinion
I am 19 years old atheist and my family is Orthodox Christian,
My father is talking to me about marriage ant that I should leave my education, I got very upset and I told him that I was atheist
And all I want it to finish my education and get a job to have my own private life.
Once they realised that I am atheist, they arranged with a priest to process my marriage as soon as possible to marry someone.
My father beat me and tied me up in my room and offered me a choice between marriage and Monasticism
I then told him that I would never allow a husband touch me he decided to arrange my Monasticism to take place next Friday...I have no idea what to do.

On September 17 at 10:43 pm she sent me this message:
I am in the Monastery now
My father brought me here now
to start my Pre Monasticism
I am behind closed doors and there are people watching me, I lost all hope.

On September 18 at 8:28 pm she sent me this message:
My father came to me yesterday, so I told him that I was now believing in Christianity but I didn’t want to marry
And after a long discussion he accepted my argument and I was taken back home and the marriage was postponed until I finished University.
I thought that that way I could get rid of the Monasticism and finish my education. As for the marriage I would manage to get out of it in the future then try to disappear.

On September 19 at 1:11 pm she sent me this message:
I Think I am going home today but after I finish my paper because my father already applied for me joining the Pre Monastery but he now agreed that I should finish my education then engage
So, if I get home I would act normal and after University ,Then I will leave home

And indeed the deal was struck with my friend’s lies because she doesn’t live in a country that guarantees her basic rights
Witten by ALBER SABER – Switzerland – October 2014

معتقلة في الدير

في يوم :16 سبتمبر 2014 الساعة 12:07 مساء
أرسلة لي صديقة هذة الرسالة :
حقيقي انت شخصيه محترمه ومتفتح ومثقف وبحترمك جدا
بما انك عديت بمرحله شبه مرحلتي ممكن اخد رائيك في حاجه
انا ملحده اهلي مسيحين وارثوزكس انا لسه مكمله 19 سنه من كام يوم
 وبابا بيكلمني عن الجواز واني اسيب الكليه لما اتنرفزت قولتلهم اني ملحده
وان كل املي في الحياه اني اخلص كليه واشتغل وتكونلي حياتي الخاصه
مهمهمش اي حاجه غيرالالحاد لدرجه انهم اتفقو مع اب كاهن يخلص ورق الجواز من غير ما يرجعولي
بابا ضربني وربطني في الاوضه وخيرني بين الرهبنه والجواز
ولما هددتو ب اني مش هخلي جوزي يلمسني حدد معاد رهبنتي يوم الجمعه الجايه
ونا مش عارفه اتصرف

و في  :
17 سبتمبر 2014 الساعة 10:43 مساء
أرسلت لي :
انا في الدير دلوقتي
وبابا جابني الدير انهارده
بس قاعده مكرسه مش راهبه
انا هنا بيتقفل الباب عليا وحاطين ناس معايا تراقبني
انا فقدت الامل اني اخرج

و في :
18 سبتمبر 2014 الساعة 8:28 صباحا
أرسلت لي :
بابا جاني امبارح
المهم انا سبيتو وقولتلو اني خلاص اقتنعت بلمسيحيه بس مش عايزه اتخطب وكده 
بعد نقاش طويل وافق اني ارجع البيت وااجل الخطوبه لحد ما اخلص تانيه كليه
قولت اني كده هخلص من الرهبنه وهكمل تعليم
ولو ع الخطوبه فهحاول اطفشو
وبعد الكليه اسافر

و في :
19 سبتمبر 2014 الساعة 1:11 مساء
أرسلت لي :
هروح انهارده بس ورقي يخلص
وبابا وافق ع اني اكمل تعليم وبعدين اتخطب مقابل اني ارجع لديني
قدم ورق اني اتكرس في الدير
فنا همثل عليهم اني رجعت عادي وبعد الكليه اسيب البيت
و بالفعل تمت الثفقة بكذب صديقتي لأنها لا تعيش في دولة تكفل لها أبسط حقوقها

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