Shooting at an Egyptian because he is an atheist.

Amr Kamal
The Arabic Article -  المقال بالغة العربية  :

Amr went out of his home to find the bullets of extremism and treachery waiting for him.
He was badly injured & was transferred to Damanhur public hospital.
Cartridge shots were fired on him & hit his leg and caused bleeding which necessitated a blood transfusion.

Till now he is unconscious It is worth mentioning that Amr was subject to an assault and an attempt of murder on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 by 4 extremists which resulted in an incised wound and some bruises.

Frist offensive on 6 may 2014

The first injury According to Amr' personal account he was treated badly because of his beliefs by the hospital staff and even in the police department who told him that either he waives or he enters prison with those who assaulted him with even ill-treatment.
Moreover, his lawyer renounced his case.

All of this because Amr is an Atheist And the question shall remain,
for how long the situation of atheists shall remain like this?
And where the law and the state, that supposedly does not discriminate citizens according to their beliefs?
And who is the next Amr Kamal ...???

Written on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 - Switzerland - ALBER SABER

ALBER SABER - ألبير صابر