Save Egyptian Athiest

i recived this message from Egyptian Athiest friend "Omar Saad" :

saturday 29-3-2014
I went to the university after Receiving threatening messages on my facebook 
I was attacked by my friends and the guards refused to say the truth when they knew that I am Atheist..
 the security manager in the university threatened me that if I didn't stop writing in the magazine and my facebook account they would be expel me from the university.
after the university I went to the police station asking for protection.
when the officer knew that I am Atheist he put me in the prison. they hit me forced me to pray Inhumanely. after I got back home my parents started reliving me.. 
they don't even give me the chance to express my opinion in any thing.. 
 they always threaten me that I would be expelled from the house if I tried to write any thing again on the facebook or in the magazine....

 *Omar Saad faces many problems
In college, police, family and friends

Like many simply in the case of Egypt
And with the knowledge that the death of atheism in Egypt is imprisonment of 3 to 5 years

you can read about :
Amr AbdAllah
& Sherif Gaber :


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