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The gamaleya Summary "inquisition" court of misdemeanour decided to sentence the Shiite student "Amr Abdullah Ibrahim" for 5 years because he belongs to the Shiite sect with a pretext of defamation of religions. The incident comes under a systematic attack of the Egyptian state on the followers of Shiism in Egypt.
It is worth mentioning that Amr Abdullah Ibrahim "26 years" is a graduate of the Naval Academy and is currently preparing Masters studies. He is also the son of the previous Egyptian ambassador in Sudan.
Amr is one of the young activists , defending Shiites. He appeared in many talk shows on satellite channels like "The Truth" with Wael Al Ibrashi. It was clear that "Walid Ismail" who is claimed to belong to the fundmentalist salafist current had a role in the arrest of Amr.
Walid Ismail mentioned that he had made numerous reports against Amr and has done many protesting vigils ( a standing up) one of them was even in front of Giza Security Directorate as mentioned by "Walid Ismail"
On 14 11 2013 the day of Ashura, The Ministry of interior affairs issued a statement preventing the celebration of Ashura and prohibiting even the presence in the vicinity of Al-Hussein mosque in central Cairo. The fact that sparked the ire of Amr Abdullah as he insisted to practice his religious rituals . He refused such statements and went to Al-Hussein mosque to celebrate. There, the called Walid Ismail, along with a group of radical Salafists were preparing an ambush for Amr Abdullah Ali which caused the assault on him and he was handed over to the Gameleya police station which in turn has made a report "7654 c. C" against Amr for contempt of religions and then was transfered to the general prosecution which remanded him in custody.
His detention was renewed and was denied a request of release until the ruling against him on February 26, 2014, the first rule of contempt of religion after the new constitution in Egypt.
One of the clear manifestations of the systematic attack of the Egyptian state against Shi'ites is the arrest of a 61 years old doctor simply for belonging to the Shiite sect according to the report published by El Masry Al youm. Source
The question remains: when the Inquisitions shall stop in Egypt?

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