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文章来源:20201028 Shenzhen Daily


More than 6,000 of this year’s new students of Shenzhen Institute of Information technology (SZIIT) used their mobile phones’ flashlights last Wednesday night to form the shape of the school’s name to kick off a ceremony marking the beginning of the new term on SZIIT’s campus in Longgang District.

Following the performance, student and teacher representatives shared their goals and ambitions for the new term.

Sun Yong, president of SZIIT, spoke of three expectations for the students.

The first point Sun made is to go forward along with the city’s development in the new era. Secondly, to enhance skills through diligent studies, and finally to be an innovative person.

The ceremony also included a part in which excellent students received awards.

There are a total of 240 new students who received scholarships this year.

Ten students earned the title of SZIIT student of the year and another 41 students received scholarships for high-end certificates, according to SZIIT.

The total prizes amounted to some 1.42 million yuan (US$210,000).

“The college entrance examination results has become a past tense. There is so much to improve on in the future, both in mentality and capability,” said Gong Bin, a prize winner.

SZIIT this year enrolled 873 bachelor’s degree students and 6,005 vocational degree students.


记者 Wang Jingli  

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