متحرش بالعقول المغتصبة -- ثورة علي المقدسات و الموروثات

Sunday, October 26, 2014

SOS from Egypt

Ahmed Harqan

SOS from Egypt: :
Ahmed Harqan and his wife Saly are two Egyptian human rights activists who had been arrested today after surviving an attempt to assassination
for defamation of Christianity and Islam
under the article 98 of the Egyptian penal code. Ahmed and Saly get
arrested after the participation of Ahmed in a TV show on Alqahera wel
nas Chanel- the show's was "taht al koubry-تحت الكوبري" in English :
under the bridge, Ahmed and his mate Karim were there as atheist. This
morning the ex dean of ain shams faculty for legal studies and two
lawyers press charges against Ahmed saying that he was making fun and
defaming the holy incons of Islam and Christianity on air. We need your
help getting Ahmed, Saly and Karim out of the police station, we need
lawyers and activis who could make some pressure on the Egyptian
goverment in order to release these guys, we need also some journalist
to write about this. Saly is pregnant, please act fast to save her and her child.
Later this evening some friends went to visit Ahmed,
Saly and Karim and they say that Ahmed an Karim were beaten and there's
new about the persecutor who refused to listen to their lawyer. So the
three of them will have to spend the night in the police station.
Ref: Alber Saber
wrote by: Amine Boukhliq

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